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Garage door motors are usually of the electric kind and as far as electric circuits go, they can face a problem at any instant in time. One thing may cause a short circuit; another may lead to some other cable problem, and so on. While garage door openers may not possess or encounter every problem linked with a circuit, they can come with and give rise to their own problems. Another kind of garage door openers is remote controlled ones. One category of remote controlled garage doors in today's times utilizes a frequency range 300-400 MHz and a majority of the transmitters/receievers depends on the phenomenon of hopping or in other words rolling code technology. This technology increases the level of security of garage door openers because of bringing a sense of distinctiveness to every instance of the same. Melrose Garage Door Repair in New York ensures that if you are facing any kind of garage door opener/motor problem, it will make matters better for you by finding a resolution.

We can also help you accomplish new door installation without any issues. You can contact us regarding a broken spring or other issues as well. When you contact us because of a problem, it acquires the status of a Melrose Garage Door problem and we solve it like a company issue.

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